Life’s wonders: favourite things bring joy

Scuba diving

One of my favourite things is scuba diving. But my readers will already know this. I love to swim with the fish — I love the colours and the different shapes. I especially love sharks. I have no fear of them and try to get as close to them as I can.

My underwater camera

I’m an underwater photographer as well. Fish refuse to pose for photos and some times it’s hard to get a good shot that isn’t blurred. It’s great fun when an eels tries to charge my camera. This happened in Malaysia when I was diving. Nemo fish (aka clownfish) were charging my camera to try to drive me away. It was hilarious.

Here are some tip for scuba diving safely:

  • Check your air. You don’t want to run out of air.
  • Watch your buoyancy. Don’t kick up sand or kick the coral.
  • Don’t chase turtles. This is very stressful for them.
This is a Splendid Toadfish

A smorgasboard of favourite things: a UCW student list

Mostly, I like bungee jumping.

I love to watch and play sports activities, especially volleyball.

I love to gain knowledge about ships.

I love to workout and the feeling of fulfilment it gives after I complete a workout.

I love to go for long drives in the car by myself.

My passion for music started when I was very young. I was never a good singer, so I dreamed about playing a musical instrument.

I like to make paintings.

I love to ride bikes.

One of my favourite things in life is when I have quality time with my husband and dog together.

I love to explore new things in the world by visiting different places.